Monday, September 8, 2008

Front Entry Door for TGA

Carmine, Texas

The front entry to my office provided a challenge -
the door could not be standard size
 due to the existing header.
An Antique English door was found
and modified to fit the opening
and the English glass was repaired for use
while a new insert was designed.
Colors were chosen to compliment
the original TGA logo and
the building the exterior.
The design combines a traditional
focal point inset in a torchere -
with the "ribbon" of color
 adding a contemporary look.
The dragonfly is found in old world
 craftsman design and is a personal favorite.

New Hope United Methodist

Waller, Texas
Christian art often uses symbols
 to illustrate spiritual concepts.
The symbols can be a direct link
to scripture or church history.
In the center of the left window is
the focal point symbol -
A Dove with Olive Branch. A dove represents
the Holy Spirit and the olive branch symbolizes peace.
In the center of the right window are a Chalice,
Bread and Grapes. This represents the Lord’s Supper,
the broken body of Christ, and the blood of redemption.
Each of the windows of New Hope offers symbols
to compliment worship and inspire the congregation.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Whale of a Tail

Ashburn, Virginia

Clients selected an ocean theme with a GST Bevel Series
for a stained glass fireplace screen to compliment
the other nautical items in their living room.
A custom made frame with brass shells for feet,
holds the glass panels in place.
Summer vacations on the Atlantic coast
are not so far away from the winter days
that are warmed by this fireplace.

Palm Trees and Paradise

Houston, Texas

Vacations in Hawaii and a passion for palm trees were
the inspirations behind the window for this
master bathroom. The home had a leaded
glass panel in the original construction,
but after many years of service and -
an incident that damaged a pane or two,
these home owners were ready
for a new look with their new window.